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June Tesoriero

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My Story

Things have changed so much since I wrote my story in 2018. I have come a long way with my business and I have to say it has changed me as a person. I truly love what I’m doing, it is work, but when it’s something that makes you feel good it’s work that’s worth it. Go out and do what makes you happy we don’t realized how depressing life is until you aren’t depressed. I’ve naturally have always been a happy person, but this is different this is something inside that’s happy. Some kind of spark that hit me and has changed me forever.

Whatever it is you choose to do to make you feel better do it, don’t wait just do it. That was the best 59.00 that I have ever spent. Friends that have become family is what I needed and I got it.

Thank you honey for believing in me! Bobby Tesoriero

PS: I am looking to do some fundraisers so please message me if you have something near and dear to your heart so we can get started! 👏👏

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